Plextor 24x able to handle protected audio?




I'm considering buying a Plextor, as I'm concerned with being able to handle copy protected audio, but all of the comments which say that the Plextor is the way to go seem to be talking about the 40x drive and say nothing about the others.

So the question is if the general ability to handle Cactus and key2audio, etc., is shared by the Plextor 24x drive or if it's specific to the 40x.

Any help appreciated. :slight_smile:


Almost all plextors can handle key2audio as well as cds200, including the 24x writer.


yes , the plextor 24 x writer is a good drive to backup protected audio cd ’ s , in combination with clonecd 3 or 4 it is possible to bypass all copy protections , in clone cd 4 ( cactus 200 ): use the default settings ( only read first session ) ,
if you uncheck this setting , it is still possible to make a copy , but then the protection will still be on the copy ,

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Plextor is also able to backup copy protected audio with illegal TOC? I’ve tried to copy my audio cd with Easy Audio Lock protection. Then I’ve tried to backup the protected audio cd but the plex 24x was very slow! (1x in CloneCD4 !!!) so i have interrupted the backup process. There’s a possibility to copy this protected audio Cds? Thanks in advice!