Plextor 24x a 2sheep burner?

I have a Plextor 24x CD burner!
I succesfully copied SIMCITY 4 with and without “BYPASS EFM OPTION”!!! Both copies start on every reader i tried!!!
I did also a SHEEP TEST and my burner can read well SAFEDISK 2.51 EFM patterns!
I thought my burner was a one sheep burner! :confused:

You will not be able to read the burned disc in a Toshiba DVD-ROM, that’s why it’s only 1 sheep

There are some Plextors wich are 2 sheep burners there are few of them but you might be lucky enough to find that lucky TLA# :bigsmile:

From what I read in other posts, the fact that Plexies from 24x are unable to write correct EFM patterns is due to the Sanyo chip used in their drives. Some people seem to have luck with SD2 backups made with plextors, including SD2.80. This would imply that some Plexies are built with a non-Sanyo chip, which is a major hardware change and would indeed imply a new TLA#. I find this very unlikely : either all people with this TLA# would have success, or nobody. The fact that the people having success are so scarse must have another explanation. I already saw a few hypothesis, but never a proven correlation, e.g. OS (works in Me, not in XP), pre-gap in case of backup with CloneCD, … I have a PX-W2410A, and I am sure in the category of unlucky owners. Has anybody a clue about correlation between success with Plexie backup of 2.80 and hard facts ?

P.S. Message edited after Pirate80 pointed out my mistake about Mediatek chipset (not used by Plextor, but by LiteOn)

From what I read in other posts, the fact that Plexies from 24x are unable to write correct EFM patterns is due to the Mediatek chip used in their drives.

I would find this fact disturbing. MediaTek chipsets are used in LiteOns and Asus burners. Correct me if I am wrong, but Plextor uses Sanyo chipsets.

BTW How come people who report of having success with SD2.51+ rarely state what TLA# their drive is. My 24x’s TLA#0101 (with firmware version 1.04) and it never produces a perfect copy of GTA3 when AWS is turned off.

@Pirate80, you are indeed right : my mistake about Mediatek (I edited the original post to correct it to Sanyo). By the way, my plexie is TLA#0202 and is also not able to burn without AWS, neither to make copies of SD2.51+ that work in my DVD drive.

I remember some comments from long time ago that told of a TLA#0000 model with a cooling fan, while the next models were without (probably to reduce cost).

MY plexies TLA# 203 Firmware 1.04 . Never had a problem with any Safedisk including the new 2.80 I just burn it in CloneCD with Ignore under Amplify Weak sectors and plays in all my drives including the Toshiba dvd Rom.