Plextor 24x 1.01 firmware

I just posted the article Plextor 24x 1.01 firmware.

Godsmacker used our newssubmit to tell us that he found a new firmware for mine and others favorite Burner, the 24x Plextor.

Check out the new firmware for the 24x plextor burner hereSource:…

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I hope it fixes the reading problems of LaserLock protected games… :smiley: Maybe then I will buy it :slight_smile:

hahahah… Laserlock? who really needs a recorder that handles everything. I mean. Its not good for your burner to read and write all the time. So go out and get a toshiba, best reading quality, even with damaged cds. Plextor Drives cant handle damaged cds quite well. I have a plextor 32 scsi cd rom drive and i know that they are fast but no good laser for reading damaged discs. I dont mean the errors by protection. i mean dust and all the other shit that happens to your cds. Anyway, do u know a burner that is as fast as the plextor and can handle any protection, even safedisc2? waiting for laserlock reading possibilty, oh man, i think you dont have enough money. cya

Hey Tom, I definitely dont have enough money!! Wanna gimme some seeing as you seem to have so much?? All donations welcomed (notes only). Click my info button for ways to contact me to give it to me :slight_smile:

The TDK 24X Velo CD is as fastas the Plextor Drive. I am considering buying it to replace my four month old Sony 12x Burner. I am however not certain that the drive can be used with Roxio Easy Cd Creator 5.0 Platinum. I know Nero allows you to burn various copyrighted Disks,but I like the fact that I can make Video CDs that can play in my DVD Rom drive as well as my DVD Player.The TDK Burner has Burn Proof technology and a small 2 meg buffer. The drive is classified as a hybrid drive it is bought CAV and CLV.The drive operates in CAV mode for the inner sectors of the disk and switches to CLV mode on the outer sectors of the disk.

On the contrary, the TDK VeloCD is not as fast as the Plextor 2410TA drive…just visit to read reviews proving my point. :slight_smile: