Plextor 241040TA not Writing an New-SD2 Games!

This Game, Ballerburg, has this SD2 V2 - V 2.51 0.20 !

please read here:
I have the same Problem with plextor! cant copy it!
can a firmwareupdate fix it? got the 1.03

I doubt the firmware upgrade will fix it
try serching for cracks here and here

JumpingJack maybe you could give some more information like what is the TLA# of your drive? Did you read the image with your Plextor or using another reader? What settings did you use when recording?
I’m very puzzled by this, worried too since I just got my burner a week ago, but I can’t find any of those games where I live so I can’t do any experimenting with them :frowning:

Well the issue that the Plextor PX-W2410A can’t copy the latest SafeDisc 2(.51.020) is a bit confusing. Some people seem to make a proper back-up and some don’t. Here are some threads to help you get some more info:

German CloneCD board with English mail to Plextor
Initial (?) Complaint on CDR-Info
Discussion on CloneClinic

So when you’ve read these posts you can’t really say if it works or not. The titels that have this new SafeDisc 2 protection are hard to get (‘Ballerburg’ and ‘Jimmy White`s Cueball World’).