Plextor 24 & The Sims on Holiday


I’ve come across the first disk I can’t copy with my Plextor24/10/40 with V1.04 firmware

Tried backing up the Sims on Holiday with all sorts of permutaions, including the configs from CDFreaks, with CloneCD but haven’t been able to get a working copy.

Has anyone been succesful?



Yea, I made a backup copy of Holiday last week with my 241040a Plex, I wanted to try CCD4, I heard it does help our Plex models to copy these discs with SD 2.51. As you are probably aware, the Plex has had problems with SD 2.51, as I was unable to backup MOHAA with my Plex using CCD3, I still have to try that one yet. I am using FW 1.03, and made a copy to a memorex “high speed” re-writable disc. I used the default settings in CCD4 for game copying.

There is a lot of information about the Plex, and its’ ability to copy SD 2.51+, not a lot of it is encouraging. But for me, CCD4 has made a difference, but I still need to try MOHAA to verify complete success.

Perhaps it is your using FW 1.04?

Thanks Danny5,

I’ve copied MOHAA no problem at all with CCD4. But it looks like ‘On Holiday’ is another kettle of fish. Tried lower read speeds etc, but only getting toasters.

Reading between the lines, it looks like the older 24 speed Plex’s are having problems keeping up with SafeDisk

thanks again


There is another side note to this issue that I did not take into account when I first wrote a reply to your post. Here in the USA, the game is called Vacation, and not Holiday. But from the other posts I have read, it is a tough one to copy in either case. But perhaps there are subtle differences in the copy protections of the two game titles also that may make a difference. I still have not tried MOHAA yet, I hope I have the same result that you had, my origional disk has a scratch already. Hence the need to make backup copies when you have kids in the house…