Plextor 24 connect to sound card?

I have my Toshiba 1502 connected to my sound card. I remember reading that it is not a good idea to connect your CDRW to the card as well as your DVD. I have a Plextor 24x drive. If it is just that it will wear out the Plextor quicker, I don’t think I care anymore as I probably will upgrade long before I could wear out the drive (if that is the reason not to do it). So what are the pros and cons?

And if I want to do it, how do I connect the Plextor as well as the Toshiba to the sound card? Do I need some special connector?


First of all, I can´t imagine how connecting your CDRW to the sound card could possibly wear it off. Of course if you don´t connect it to the sound card it’s unlikey you’ll be using it for playing audio cds.

The only problem you could have is if your sound card only has one digital input, wich is most likely to be used by your DVD drive, but even in this case you can still connect the Plextor to your sound card using the analog audio cable that is bundled with your drive. I’m pretty sure your sound card must have an analogue cd audio input somewhere, if you can´t see how to link the two units with the cable provided with the Plextor (and most likely your sound card as well) take a look at the layout of your sound card in the manual and look for a cd audio connector.

I hope this is of some help to you. Rest assured that you won´t be inflicting any damage to your burner by connecting it to the sound card.

Thanks, I will open the thing up in the morning and see what is what. However, if there is only one digital imput can I get some kind of a “Y” connector to hook up both to it or doesn’t it matter as long as I have an analogue cd audio input and I use that.

Can you explain what the difference would be?:slight_smile:

can you tell me the name ( type ) of your soundcard please ?


Yes, it is a Soundblaster Live Value Card. If this card is not adequate, could you give me a recommendation for a different one that hopefully is not too expensive.

Thanks for any guidance.:slight_smile:

I have the same sound card and I can therefore assuere you that there aren’t any more digital inputs than the ones you’re already using. For obvious reasons you should stick with using that for your DVD-ROM. So you really must use an analogue connection for the Plextor.
I can´t believe there would be some sort of Y cable to connect two different sources to the same digital (or even analogue) input of your sound card. Can you imagine the mess it would make if you would use both drives at the same time?
There should be two analogue inputs on your card, one for cd audio and one called aux-in, I think they’re located right next to each other, the one you want is the one farthest away from the back end of your pc case.
I think that even though you’re using the analogue connection you can still perform digital extraction with the Plextor burner. I can’t say for sure because I myself never tried this and this drive is my first IDE so I have little experience with this sort of things :slight_smile:

hope this solves your problem.

i have indeed the same live value soundblaster 1024 and for about one year two devices ( pioneer dvd and plextor cdrrw 24/10/40 ) are connected to the analogue inputs , like RedStar told you , these two inputs are the ones farthest away from the back end of your computer , the other one ( near the back of your computer ) is for a phone answering device ,
so making a long story short , do it , no problem ,


Thank you both, I certainly will do it within the next few days. I however can’t find any cable to connect the Plextor to the Sound card as we moved a short while ago and while the new apartment is absolutely wonderful it is a little smaller then the old one and thus, I have boxes that I haven’t gone through to throw things out and it is probably there or already thrown out. Is it just an audio analogue cable? And do they come in lengths as the Plextor is further away than the Toshiba?:slight_smile:

The cable is just an analogue audio cable, Plextor ships one with every drive they sell. If you lost your’s you can probably find it at any PC shop. This cable as nothing to do with the analogue cables people use in their stereos for connecting separate components (just thought I should mention this because I met someone who tought otherwise :wink: ).

Could luck setting in to your new environement :slight_smile: