Plextor 24/10/40A Problem?

I have a Plextor 24/10/40A w/firmware 1.03. Some audio discs I put into my Plextor simply aren’t seen by the drive or Windows 98SE. The only new one that was behaving like this is the Gorillaz CD which is meant to be able to be played in a PC drive. The majority of them are enhanced cd’s aka mixed mode cds. My Pioneer 105s drive will read the discs quite happily and so will my stereo system. These arent my discs and were borrowed and some of them were a bit scratched but nothing too major, is it possible the TOC area was damaged and unreadable by the Plex?

One cd I remember, is by Regurgitator - …Art wouldnt even be spun up by the drive. I have put quite a number of audio cds into my drive and it has recognised them but the problems seem to lie with Enhanced cds and the occasional audio cd. However the Plextor has been able to read some enhanced cds only some give it problems.

What normally happens is the drive light blinks green and slowly trying to read the disc with one that it cant read other then the regurgitator cd which it didn’t even read at all.

I haven’t had any problems with any data cd’s.

This also happened with firmware 1.02 I never used 1.00 because I updated as soon as I got the drive it is TLA #100 as well.

Anyone had any similar problems or theories?

Any help is appreciated.

Are people able to help me on this by getting any enhanced audio cd’s and trying to read and copy the pc data to the hard drive with the Plextor 24/10/40A.

I just bought the drive and want to get to the bottom of this and find out if it is a bad drive, bad TLA#, bug or flaw with the drive/chipset/laser/firmware or just a badly made/pressed/set out cd(s) by music companies

The enhanced cds that have caused me problems are:

Billie Piper - Day and Night Single (Plextor would have trouble reading the cd and copying the data from it would get intermittant errors reading the data but finally and exhaustively copied the data getting individual files at a time. Plays in stereo)

Frenzal Rhomb - A Man’s not a Camel (I tried this on my Pioneer 105s and had the exact same problems, it seems to be badly pressed. Starts at 9 minutes copy time and then comes up with “Error: Could not read data from specified device”. It plays on my Stereo)

Gorillaz - Gorillaz (Plextor would not read it, Pioneer would and copied the data from it. Stereo also plays the cd.)

Regurgitator - …art (NOT enhanced, the damned drive just wouldnt read it. Did not test In Pioneer. Works in stereo)

Batchelor Pad Royale (NOT enhanced, the damned drive just wouldnt read it. Did not test In Pioneer, Works in stereo)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends (Single) (NOT enhanced the drive would not read it but worked fine on my other drives and stereos.)

There was a couple more of them but the only one I didnt have a hitch with so far was the Bomfunk MC’s - In Stereo Album.

I have crossed posted this at cdrlabs, and cdrinfo forums to get as much coverage as possible.

Gamefreak if you could help here that would be greatly appreciated too.

EDIT: With this post I thought it was having problems with just enhanced cd’s. It turns out it can have problems with any audio cd and maybe even data cd’s. Three out of the above cds are normal audio cds and none of them have any copy protections on them to prevent the drive from reading them.


Just tried that Gorillaz CD. No problems. Plextor PleXWriter CD-R PX-W2410A TLA#0100 V1.03.
Never any problems with enhanced CDs for me :slight_smile:
I put it in the Plex, then that movie started to play, I got over it, then started up CD player that comes with Windows 98SE and the 3 tracks played fine.

Dunno whats up with your machine/s?

This is interesting too. Its the same pressing as well because we are both from Australia. What do you think I should do? Return it under warranty?

It might be a premature action but after paying so much for the burner I would rather not stuff around.

Where did you purchase it from?

btw did you get my pm?

But then I tried a new 2CD package titled “Music From And Inspired By Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3”
The first music CD took longer than normal to be spun up/recognised. BUT, then the second CD, a bonus multimedia CD containing video footage etc. DID NOT play or be initialised by the PX-W2410A V1.03, V1.02, V1.01, V1.00 TLA#0100.
The same CD played fine in many other tested CD-RW/CD/DVD-ROM drives including my Lite-On LTD-163, Sony CDU4811, TEAC CD-W54E.
So what is the problem with this Plextor 24/10/40A?

Also I got an ‘error moving file’ with coping the video files of my Millencolin enhanced CD to my Hard disk. But in the end after another try it worked ok.

What??? does anyone else have any probs?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey guys. I’m having the same problem with my brand new 24/10/40A. I haven’t tested a whole lot of CDs yet since I just got the drive, but I’ve already discovered one audio CD (no data tracks) this drive won’t read. Never had a problem with my Plextor SCSI UltraPlex 40Max reading any discs. This is somewhat disappointing since I bought this new drive to replace my older UltraPlex and 4x CD-R writer. If it can’t read basic audio CDs, I’m putting the old trusty UltraPlex back in my machine.

Daffy :mad:

Yeah well I’m glad im not the only one. I hope that anyone that owns the drive can do some disc testing too, this might be a big problem or something else. Look at my above post for possible reasons what may be causing it. Its all speculative, but I would like to nail the reason why its happening and get something done about it or at least have it as a problem that is widely recognised by the community.

We need everyone who owns this drive to test and chime in if they have the same sort of problems that we do.

Just a thought.

I had problems with the VIA drivers with Windows 2K and SP-2.

Plextor drive did STRANGE things.

I finally resolved the issue by reinstalling the drivers and forcing selection of the MS drivers.

All is well now.

Hope this helps.


Not for me, I have an intel chipset.

Me too. Intel Chipset.

Here’s Plextor’s response to my plea for help:

CDRW recorders are optimized for writing to discs, and may not play back discs that are marginally within specifications as well as a CDROM only reader will.

That’s all I needed to know. I’m putting my SCSI UltraPlex 40Max back in my computer. I’ll use that to read/rip and the 24/10/40A simply to burn. Seems like a waste having two readers, but if that’s what it takes so be it.

Now if I can just get this writer to burn audio CD’s using cue sheets with DMA enabled I’d be happy. But that’s another issue for a new topic…:Z


You gotta be kidding me right?

What a poor response, it seems to be a bit of a cop out.

Plextor drives are meant to be the best. They have and try to have a reputation that exudes quality. I can understand some cheap no name burner not reading the discs but not a $US300 (this is the price we pay in Australia) burner not being able to read the discs.

Maybe I should have, at the start put this into perspective. I have put through a little over 100 audio cds through the Plextor drive that I own, from that, around 10 discs were not able to be read or I had problems reading them.

While this is not a blindingly huge problem to some people, well actually now that I think about it, it is because that would roughly turn out to be 1 in 10 cds that won’t work in the drive. I had the usage of a friends computer tonight to test the drive under Windows XP on an AMD platform with a VIA chipset. The drive would not read the exact same cds that I have listed above on the new platform - It’s definitely a problem directly related to the drive.

The drives packaging clearly states that it can read certain types of disc formats. Now how is it that 4 other drives that I tested and several stereos thought that the discs I have, conformed to book standards. I have not seen this sort of behaviour from any other pc cd drive.

I just will not accept this problem from the drive. I am going to return this drive and seek a full replacement and hopefully get a different TLA number (whether this fixes the problem I do not know).

Everyone who reads this just make sure you know that Plextor’s attitude towards the problem and what sort of a problem that you might encounter with this particular model.

EDIT: It got me thinking what Plextor said:

CDRW recorders are optimized for writing to discs, and may not play back discs that are marginally within specifications as well as a CDROM only reader will.

Whether discs are marginally within specification or not, if they are within specification they should be able to be read by the 24/10/40A. It is labeled as being a cd reader, it either is or it isn’t.

I agree. I feel like I’ve been hosed. I still can’t get the thing to work with various software with DMA enabled. Seems strange that Plextor would put out a crap product. I guess they’re no longer the king-of-the-hill when it comes to quality. What a shame…:frowning:

Hmm interesting Daffy, go and grab the latest drivers for your chipset at and see what happens. It may also help to update the motherboard BIOS give me a yell on msn and I can help you. or email me and I will send you my ICQ number.

However as you stated above, the drive was not able to read a particular cd that is a problem directly related to the drive.

I can get my drive to work quite happily under DMA with Win98SE. Its the fucking shoddy disc reading ability of the drive that fucks me off.

I just re-installed my old trusty Plextor UltraPlex 40max SCSI CD-ROM and the damn thing is reading all the CDs the 24/10/40 couldn’t. I even put a disc in that was so scratched up my car CD player has trouble with and the UltraPlex reads it just fine. This SCSI CD-ROM was a gift from God, and I never should have taken it out in the first place.

I’m still amazed that the 24/10/40 can’t read brand new CDs of today’s popular artists. Plextor should be embarrased. I can only hope that word of mouth gets out and they look into a firmware fix soon.

Oh well. I’m happy that I still had my 40max.

Daffy, How many cd’s could the 24/10/40A drive not read?

your drive is not faulty… its got to do with the software you have installed thats conflicting… (before nero and easy cd used to hate each other!!!) In this case i think its goto do with subchannel stuff… You aren’t allowed to install plextor tools and programs such as clonecd… check if this is so…

anyway i am telling you, your cdrw is fine its your software…

if you dont belive me try format and restart but have no cdr program installed and see for yourself… (this happened to me before)

If you muck around you will be able to install them all (i did) but i think its a fluke! anyway you dont need the plextor tools and ditch that…

No, I am sorry you are incorrect. Please read the above posts to fully understand the problem.

I have already tried it on another friends computer under XP running AMD on a VIA chipset. And it still had the same problems with those cds. It is not software.

I found out something interesting.

I returned my drive back to where I bought it from and told them of the problem to see if they would replace it. I gave them one problematic cd out of the ones I have to test the drive to see for themselves.

I got a phonecall a week later to come and pick up the drive and was under the impression that over the phone that they had fully replaced the drive but when I got to the store, I was able to talk to the technician about the drive. At first he said that it was the cd as it was slightly scratched and I stated that no it wasn’t the cd as I have perfect brand new ones the drive will not read and I have tested the cds on several stereos and other pc cd drives and they worked fine. I told him I had put a post on the web about the problem with this drive and that a guy in the US has the same problem (Daffy).

He then asked if there was a known problem with the drive and I said no not at the moment, but I am trying to garner support to see if any other people have the same problem.

The technician then told me that he has tested the disc on another Plextor 24/10/40A and it didn’t work on the drive, I then asked him to check the TLA# of the drive and it was TLA#0100 which is the same one as mine. He even flashed my firmware to the different ones to see if it still had the problem and it still did. This was something that I had already done.

He said that he could give me the drive that he had in stock as a replacement but I said if its not going to play the disc, it wont be able to play any of the other problem discs I have, so I didnt want it.

The tech then said that he could send it back to the Australian distributor and see if they would replace it and I said that would be fine but it would have to be with another TLA# as it obviously shows that TLA#0100 is incapable. He said thats fine but it’s unlikely that it will be replaced because they might not find the problem with the drive.

Now this brings this to the conclusion of my research at least for now. I stongly feel that the Plextor 24/10/40A drive has a problem. Now whether this problem is just down to a TLA# I do not know I am hoping to get a later or latest TLA# that is in our country as a replacement. Whether this fixes the problem or not, I don’t know. But I have narrowed it down thus far.

To reiterate this is not an easy problem to find, from what I have seen the drive has only manifested problems with audio cds but as shown in the above posts whether the cd is marginally within specification as quoted by Plextor, the drive should read the fucking disc. I would expect a cheaper writer not to read discs not a premium writer. This maybe something like the VIA PCI chipset problem - only affects a few people. It entirely depends on what discs you put into your drive and whether the drive will read it or not.

I had not one problem with the 24/10/40A writing it was really good but if its labeled as a cd reader and it isn’t, I’ll be getting a full refund.

As I have said above, I greatly stress for anyone who has had any disc reading problems with the Plextor 24/10/40A (regardless of TLA#) to post here so we can see how far the problem extends.