Plextor 24/10/40A firmware upgrade to v.1.03!

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Fixed Bugs:
o Transfer mode changes from DMA to PIO when the system exits stand-by mode under Windows 2000
o Autorun does not start on Windows XP system
o A UDF formatted CD-R would be recognised as Audio CD (Windows XP systems only)
o LED turns on green during software eject while the tray is already open

o Write performance for newer CD-R media and support of newer disc types


Before I flash upgrade to v1.03, the Plextor forum said to ensure DMA is switched off before upgrading then turn it back on again.

Does anyone know where the DMA settings are (if any) in Win XP?


Device Manager:

IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
__ Primary IDE Channel
__ (or secondary)
____ Advanced Settings
______ choose your own adventure

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nope, no advanced settings in my primary or secondary IDE controllers…

I have installed intels newly released ATA controller drivers for 800 series chipsets, maybe that gets rid of the DMA settings bit…

I switched off dma for the Plaxtor in the bios. Instead of using auto-settings I used cdrom and switched off dma before upgrading.
I have asked this question at but I dit not receive a answer.
I upgrades to version 1.03. No problems detected.

Before upgrading to firmware 1.03 from 1.02 with wich my drive came, I thought I’d go by the book and disable DMA for the drive like Plextor insists on, by I really wasn’t up for the trouble of rebooting my XP twice just to see the effect so I flashed the drive without taking any other action and it worked fine.
Can´t say I advise anyone to try this, but it worked fine with me, I have Win XP professional, the drive’s TLA is #202 and it’s connect to the secondary IDE channel of my ageing ASUS P2-B motherboard. And yes DMA is enabled on my drive at all times when I’m on XP.

Have I just got some dodgy copy of WinXP Pro? I can’t for the life of me find anything about any DMA settings anywhere!

Offers up for anyone to take remote access to my computer and find it for me!!! (But seriously, where are these damn DMA settings in WinXP???)

Oh, and how do you find out what the TLA number is??

Thanks (and sorry for the basic questions!)

First the easy bit, the TLA of your drive is written on a sticker placed somewhere on the outside of the chassis. I think that in the case of the 24/10/40 it’s near the jumper configuration. If you take a good look at your drive you should be able to spot easily.

Now the tricky bit…:wink: go to My Computer (maybe in your desktop, in your start menu, trough windows explorer, etc.) right click on it and chose Properties. A little window with a monitor showing the windows logo should appear. click on the Hardware tab of that window. Then choose Device Manager. A new window will appear with a listing off all your hardware, sorted by type. Expand the tree for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, then double click either the Primary or the Secondary IDE Channel, depending on where your Plextor is. The third and final window will pop up showing you the properties for that IDE Channel, the DMA settings can be viewed/changed in the Advanced Settings tab.

If indeed as you say no such tab appears maybe DMA can´t be turned off you the drivers for your controller. The entry for controller in my XP is: Intel® 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller.

Anyway from my experience there’s no need to turn off DMA for flashing your firmware. At least not in my copy of Windows XP :wink:

Sorry about the lenghty explanation :slight_smile:

Thanks for the lengthy reply.

The advanced settings tab is simply not there on my ATA controller (either primary or secondary).

I’ve come to the conclusion that the newly installed Intel ATA accelerated controller drivers (for intel 800 series chipsets) has done something to remove the advanced settings for these controllers and hence the ability to configure DMA settings.

Has anyone else discovered this?

Thanks anyway.

Originally posted by Zangief
[B]Has anyone else discovered this?

Thanks anyway. [/B]
Yes i had the same with VIA IDE Busmaster drivers. After installing them I couln’t see the DMA settings anymore and had to use a tool that was installed with the drivers to see the settings.