Plextor 24/10/40A and Nero CRC errors on written files

I’ve got a new Plextor 24x/10x/40x. I’ve installed Nero,
Easy CD Creator Deluxe 4 (which I’ve upgraded to 4.05), and
CDRWin 4.0a.
CDRWin doesn’t recognize my burner at all.
When I use Nero to burn a Data CD, I get always get verification
failures (CRC errors on the files). However, when I use
Easy CD Creator 4, I NEVER get any CRC errors on the files I
write. I burn in the same speed and on the same media.
I also have Windows ME.
Does this sound like a hardware or software problem?

software to me i have 24x plext and run win me - easy cd creator and nero dont like each other in most peoples pc’s my plex came with nero and works a treat - the new cd win comes with it own aspi installer

just get a reg cleaner and remove any trace of easy cd creator

ie adaptec,roxio and you should be ok

Exactly! Nero & EZCD isn’t a good combo together. Remove EZCD and stick to Nero. As for the fact that CDRwin doesn’t recognize your burner; you should install ASPI drivers! Get ForceASPI and you’re sure to succeed!

I only use CloneCD en Nero; Nero for different kind of compilations and CCD for 1:1 copies!