Plextor 24/10/40A and Datatracks CDR'S



Recently I bought a couple of datatracks cdr’s here at the shop of CD Freaks. In the shop the said the where certified for 40 speed burners. But when I started to burn the fucking Plextor didn’t go faster than 16x speed :frowning: . I also tried the disc in a LiteOn burner 24 speed but there was no problem there it burned it at 24x speed.
The drive is set at secondary master and DMA is enabled.
The firmware version is 1.04.
Another Plextor 24/10/40A had also the same probs.
What is the problem :confused:


Mine does the same…it do not writes up to 16 with cloneCD but with nero does (…?¿¿??¿ but always obtain a coaster…buffer underun)… Maybe a VIA issue?



Well I cant enable DMA on my Plextor but you do have burn-proof technology - that should help with the coaster issue.