Plextor 24/10/40

Im thinking of installing the Upgrade to the writer from Plextors website, however … I don’t want to do it if I wont be able to use CloneCD to do SafeDisc 2 copying. Anyone dared do the install … and any probs ?


sTe :confused:

I will do it now and get back 2 u:D

I have just updated firmware from v1.00>1.01 and copied MAX PAYNE.699MB
Fast error ticked 3x retries max,write max burnproof ticked
took 7.03 mins to read,5.19 mins to write.
Does it work “YES”
It was taking approx 1.5 hours to read with this burner before and now 7.03 minutes.Go for it update your firmware now!!!:smiley:

Dont ask me,i aint all there