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Excellent and comprehensive review. You leave us with only one question: Where did you get the 1.02 firmware? It is not posted on any of Plextor’s websites yet. Please share a link if you can!


Excelent review of this great piece of hardware. I think i am going to get one myself to :4


Where did you find the 1.02 version of firmware?


Firmware 1.02 is not offically out yet. We had permission from Plextor to publish the results of this new firmware before it is offically released. It will be available soon! But we wanted to let u cdfreakers know the results before it is even released! :slight_smile:


I make a back up of NHL2002. Firmware 1.01; 16 minutes!!! The game work perfect. Great burner:)


How can i find out wich firmware revision i have on my Plextor 24/10/40 in Windows XP


How can I copy NHL 2002 ?? It has Safedisc 2 Protection, im reading with fast error skipping, intelligent bad sector scanning and disabling read error reports. I upgraded to 1.01 firmware.


Use your Plextor for read Fast error skip Setting: read speed max: 4 read retries: 3 error corections: none Stay tuned


compare to 12x-10x-32x scsi, which is faster?


What TLA# is on the drive you tested? I have one with TLA#0000 at work and with TLA#0100 at home, didn’t have a chance to test any of them with SD2 yet.


Where can I find 1.01 Firmware ?


Plextor firmwares are here:


Tested both drives with TLA #0000 and #0100, firmware 1.02, both copy SD2 fine.


Hi! I read your review and found one strange thing; As far as i know, Plextor 1610a does support only RAW reading but no sub codes. According to review you were able to perform sub code reading in LaserLock and SecuRom tests. I have the PX-1610A and haven´t been able to perform sub channel read with CloneCD or BlindRead. Both apps inform that the 1610 is not able to read subs. Am i stupid or why is it not working? I´ve used fm 1.02 and 1.03. With my Toshiba CD-Rom sub codes work fine with both apps. PS. do you have a clue where can i find older firmwares to PX-1610A (1.0, 1.01, 1.02)?


hoi xosak thanks for your test, but it seems that TLA#0100, can’t copy protected audio cd’s and the TLA#0000 can copy protected audio cd’s. I do not know this is true, but it is mentioned on several forums on the internet. Does any body know with what TLA number the test on cdfreaks is made with


I make a perfect copy of NHL 2002 on my PX_W2410TA tla #0000 with Clone CD in 17 min. I use Clony XL for setting’s. :4 PLEX IS THE BEST :slight_smile:


firmware 1.02 at


copy of safe disc 2 RA2 (game) don`t work in Ricoh CD-RWDVD but works everywhere else, copy made with Acer 1208 CD-RW work fine in Ricoh :o

#20 this is the exact page in the internet for firmware 1.02