Plextor 24/10/40 firmware 1.03

I have a Plextor 24-10-40 and when flashing the firmware to v1.03 i get the message : no drive found.

so i cant upgrade
who knows a sollution?

Boy, off all the luck.

I only know about 1 thing that Plextor says. You should turn off the DMA setting on your ATA controler before flashing. his may or not be your problem, but if you didn’t do it it’s probably a good thing to try.

These setings should be found under:

control panel - system - device manager

IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers

Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel

Depending on which channel your drive is hooked to.

Advanced Settings tab

Device 0
Device 1

Depending on whether your device is a master or slave.

Transfer Mode.

DMA if available
PIO only

Change the setting to PIO only and reboot.

They try flashing.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

thanks for you message

with via ide tool i put back transfer mode from dma to pio mode
but it dinot succeed to upgrade firmware.


sorry , maybe it ’ s a stupid question , but , are you sure that you try to upgrade with the correct firmware ( the one for the 24/10/40 ) , please check the firmware page again , by the way , what is your operating system ? win98 , windows 2000 , windows xp ? ,

bye ,

It may be that the VIA drivers are the problem here… Are you using the VIA IDE Busmaster drivers? If so try to uninstall them and then try to do the Flash. The VIA drivers take complete control over the IDE devices so maybe the Flash tool can’t access them. Maybe you can do a Flash from DOS-mode?

uninstall the via drivers yes and the flash did it

thanks to you G@M3FR3@K

i have to make sure all the dma’s are turned ON with my 24x plex
if it burns while keeping the buffer at 98% then its good, else check the dma’s.

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thanks to you G@M3FR3@K
No problem :slight_smile: