PLEXTOR 16x <<<<<-------- PLEASE READ!


I have a Plextor 16/10/40a

I have several questions.

  1. According to clonecd hardware req. the Plextor 16x is RAW-DAO 96 compliant, which means it can burn SafeDisc2 image
    (as long as the protection is intact.) is that correct?

  2. if i have a CDrom drive like the yamaha CRW8424S CD-RW
    which is RAW +96 compliant. Can i use this drive to burn
    an image (w/ protection intact) then use my Plextor 16X to burn it?

Has anyone tried this kind of combination?

  1. NO - The 16/10/40 cannot burn SD2 because it doesn`t do correct EFM encoding. (But the 24/10/40 does !)

  2. The Yamaha is maybe a better reader, but it`s a worse burner than the Plex.

Conclusion: you cannot burn SD2


EFM? saw that at the Clone CD hardware requirements.

Do you mean that ONLY EFM capable drives can make SafeDisc2
burns??? That is not what i have read.

What about all these other guys posting that they are able to burn SafeDisc2 using older Plextor Drives. hmmm…

I will make a test burn of MechWarrior 4 (which i bought at compusa for $15.00)

I will make an BlindWrite IMAGE… then try to burn it using my
Plextor 16x. Will make a report tonight.

I am sure that the MechWarrior 4 is a SafeDisc2!


Some of the older Plex drives do correct EFM and some don`t. The list is of 100% confirmed drives.

You go ahead and try, but you will never make a SD2 copy which will work in other devices than the burner.

Get a Acer 1208A, thats what I did...its cheap.