Plextor 16x - audio speed?

Hey, i was just wondering that in all the reviews i have seen they say that plextor 16/10/40A ripps audio cd’s in at 27.26x but in audiograbber i normally go aroung 12x to 8x reading. why is that? Thanx in advance

Are you ripping them to your hard drive in wav format, or are you encoding them to mp3, wma, etc. on the fly. If so, I think that can slow you down. Anybody else got any idea? My Plex speed drops to around the same as yours when I rip wav to wma on the fly.

skulldor, Thanx 4 replying man. I have tried every option under audiograbber. direct to mp3 on the fly, rip to wave then to mp3, back up in ram, but doesnt work. do you also use audiograbber? Or EAC?

I use the plex tools to rip my disks to wma, and then use plex tools to burn them to cd. Tried burning wma to disk with Nero, but it was very slow. I’m still evaluating mp3 encoders, whats your fav? Go to the link below to download CD Speed 99. It will let you benchmark your drive with both data and audio cds to see what kind of speed it is capable of. But try more than one of each kind of disk because results can vary alot depending on how hard the disk is to read for the drive.

Dope, thanx for the download. I use LAME all the way, its awesome and fast and audio-qulaity kicks a$$. go to they have eveyrthing about mp3 technology and encoders and rippers. Have fun man.

the best encoder for converting into mp3, is the fraunhofer type as used by nero.

With the Nero demo you can convert up to 30 mp3’s for a trial…but if you look around, you could probably find something to override the limitz! :slight_smile:

ps…Always use the Fraunhaufer type - its the best/fastest.

KNEEON - it’s certainly not the fastest, but the audio quality is pretty good. i’d say the best codec would have to be the LAME codec, because it has great speed along with great sound quality.

Also check this link

no one seems to have answered the original topic.
I have the same problem: 124TS scsi Plextor drive and I never really get above 11kb/s audio extraction rate using audio grabber - anyone know why this is? I’ve heard a lot of people in the past go on about how they get like 20 or more.