Plextor 161040A problem

I’ve had this cd-rw drive for over a year now (and so the warranty has run out), and recently i have been having problems with it. The main problem is that when i burn divx films to cd, i can no longer copy them back from the cd, but i can watch them perfectly fine. The cd’s with divx films on them can be copied using clonecd fine, but the copy will also have the same problem of not being able to copy the avi file to the hard disk but can be watched as if everything is fine. I recently bought a new power supply as i thought maybe that was a problem and i now have an enermax 350w one so i dont think its that. I also moved the drive so its not between any other drives or near any other drives but it hasnt helped. I can burn game cds fine with it and they can be copied fine on another writer. I don’t understand why game cd’s work fine and divx cd’s dont work. If anyone can shed any light on this problem then i would be very happy. Im considering buying a new cd writer if i cant fix this problem as the lite-on ones are so cheap now :slight_smile: but i would prefer if i could fix this one.

WinXP Pro
AMD Athlon 1Ghz
Geforce4 Ti4200
Enermax 350w PSU
PX-1610A CD-RW (firmware version 1.05)
Creative 6x DVD-ROM drive
2x40gig HD + 1x80gig HD

Sounds alot like your burner has trouble reading its own cds. Could be caused by disallignment of the reader/burner head.

If Im right about this, not much you can do. You can get a 32x for 35 USD now, so I suggest u do that if this is bothering you.