Plextor 16/10 - Burn proof mode

Got troubles with this drive since it pass onto Burn Proof mode (green light) very often when burning at high speed (12x +) and actually take a long time to burn compared at what speed it should burn…

Running an ATA100 drive under Win2k no SP (downloading SP2 right now)

any ideas ?

Read this article on CD Freaks mainpage. This should answer your questions:

Greets m8

This is what i was actually looking at, but didn’t helped me out :frowning:

that’s why i’m hopelessly making a call to you CD fr34kz :smiley:

i’m burning a 600-650 MB cd in about 11-13 mn… too darn long for a 16x burner…


What are your system specs? Maybe it’s too slow (especially your harddisk) to provide 2400Kbp/s for the burner. Try to defragment it…


System specs ?

Tbird 1000 @ 1308
512 PC133 ram
30 GB ATA100 - 7200rpm
20 GB - 5200 rpm

LMAO, that’s really not about the low speed :wink:

i do defragment sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to be that…


No that’s ok… however I do see you have overclocked your CPU quite a bit (30%) which could be causing the problem. It doesn’t have to cause the problem though but if I were you I would test it at it’s normal speed of 1GHz… Let me know if it works!

i can get more than 1038 but in that case that’s not stable…

it’s very stable at 1308 so i don’t think it’s about overclock

to me even a 166 mhz puter can burn reasonablt fast, so i really not think cpu is in cause…

tnx anyway :slight_smile: