Plextor 16/10/40a

just ordered a 16x plextor burner and it’s arriving the next Friday and now I hear it can’t burn SAFEDISC 2 ?!?!
-Okay … I have a Plextor 8x burner too, but I was gonna sell it (the 8x plex can make perfect SD2 copies)

Now does anybody know if the Plextor 16x will or will NOT make successfull copies of SAFEDISC 2 protected CD’s …
e.g. Red Alert 2 ??

And if it DOES -NOT- make successfull copies is there anyway to make it do it ?? e.g. a firmware hack or the new version of DiscDump ?? -will it make it ??-
and when will the new version of DiscDump be out ???


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