Plextor 16/10/40a

I just ordered a 16x plextor burner and it’s arriving the next Friday and now I hear it can’t burn SAFEDISC 2 ?!?!
-Okay … I have a Plextor 8x burner too, but I was gonna sell it :frowning: (the 8x plex can make perfect SD2 copies)

Now does anybody know if the Plextor 16x will or will NOT make successfull copies of SAFEDISC 2 protected CD’s …
e.g. Red Alert 2 ??

And if it DOES -NOT- make successfull copies is there anyway to make it do it ?? e.g. a firmware hack or the new version of DiscDump ?? -will it make it ??-
and when will the new version of DiscDump be out ???


thats just crap what you heard !
he is compatible with clone cd so he can overburn the safedisc protections :slight_smile:
plextor 16 is just the same burner as the 12 only he burns with more speed :smiley:
don’t worry he will burn safedisc2

No it won’t…

Only a few Plextors are able to make copies of SafeDisc 2 protected discs, that work in other CD-ROM’s than the CDR itself, and they are all 8x or below… And some of them only work when an old firmware is installed… Believe it or not, the Plextor 16x will not copy SD2 discs without any hacked firmware…


Do you know if the new version of DiscDump will beat
this SafeDisc 2 thing ?? Even for the 16x Plextor ?
Will post to this forum as soon as I get the burner,
next Friday and let you guys now if it can burn SD2,
e.g. Red Alert2, Delta Force3 and Hitman.

What about DiscDump ?? ANYBODY ???!!!

Why do you say that Plextor 16x can burn SD2 protected gamez
-What I mean is "can it burn SD2 CD’s so it will work in EVERY CD-ROM, not just the burner itself ???

Do you have any proofs that it does make SD2 copies successfully ?

please gimmie your email Ken08 ?

Ollie posted a long explanation a while ago that he can’t implement the Safedisc 2.0 protection. It’s just impossible.

However experience has learned us that in some cases it IS possible. For example in Philips writers and some Plextor’s with old firmware.
I’m sure you can find info about this on other burning sites.

I no there is a old bios kicking around on the net for some Plextors, but will it work on the new Plextor 16/10/40 PX-W1610TA drives?

If it doesn’t work, is it beter to fo for the 12X or any make that raw mode supports (Clonedcd), like TDK Cyclone?

What drives do you guys recommend.

I currently using a Mitsumi 4804te (clonecd supported)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you guys know that I just did
a successfull copy of HITMAN (SD2) with my
PlexWriter 16/10/40a that works on any cd-rom
using CloneCD - Fast Error Skip On.

-Any news on the new version of DiscDump anyway ?