Plextor 16/10/40a+Safedisc 2+Any cdrom=No Problem

Just backed up Black and White and No one lives forever on my new plextor 16/10/40a Firmware upgraded to 1.01 an Clone CD ver 2.852. I was able to install these backups in several other CD rom drives Teac 32x, Delta 50x and Hi val 52x. No problems encountered with backups. This is awesome. If only my plextor could read subchannel data. If you know that this plextor can read sub channel data let me know.


Can you select the option “read Subchannel data”?!

Yes. I can select it but get a message when I try to read a cd saying the plex is not compatible.

Hmm and using the newest firmware?!

True. 1.01. Why can’t I select read sub channel data though? Does anyone else have this problem?

I’ve got a 1210 and works fine, mayB you’d have to wait untill a newer firmware arrives! :wink:

Dude’s…I don’t know what your talking about…I upgraded the firmware and long and behold…I can now read and write safedisk better…the games will install off of every cd rom reader…but…and it’s a big but…IT WILL NOT PLAY IN ANY COMPUTER…i’ve tried in my laptop…desktop…and about 7 computers at work from dell’s to gateways to componet systems…Sorry but plextor still is the burner to get to make pirfict images of sd2 and the acer is still the best to record sd2…the acer will not read sd2…good luck to all…later

Are you 100% sure the Acer don`t read the sd2 ?

I`m just about to buy one, but if I need a Plex too I might just as well go for a Philips.

According to the lists it is totally sd2 compilant
I know the Plex reads better but I thought the Acer also could do it…?

Yea the acer does read and write safedisk…the only problem is time…the acer took me over an hour to make a image of Hitman…and took about 5 mins to burn a backup…now the Plextor read and made an image file in 3 mins and 45 seconds to make an image file…so needless to say the acer does do it, just very slowly…I forgot…you have to upgrade to the newest firmware for the acer to read safedisk…

So, what reader would make a good companion for the ACER? I gather the Plex cannot read subchannel data.
Could you guys suggest a reader that will be good at reading most games esp. SD2?
I’ve already ordered the ACER based on threads here.

Get the Toshiba DVD rom drive to read the sub-channel data.

Dear Bong,

OK. Thanks.
Could you educate me a bit?
Just what is the importance of subchnl. data?
Thank you,

Hey guys it isn’t that hard to understand.

ACER Writes SF2 and all other protections, BUT it doesn’t read 'em.

Buy a reader, like Plextor 40x, and you’re fully covered to handle ALL! protections.

HI Guys,
Well let me get this right. If I buy a Reader like Plexor, or Toshiba that can read anything (subchannels included), will all the writers make a good back up???

I’m having the same problem with my reader ( a Liteon), it can’t read subchannels, and I want to be able to copy EVERYTHING. Music, Games, protections, just EVERYTHING.

I have a Iomega Zip 650 as my writer, but it can’t read subchannels either. Will I need to get another reader as well??