Plextor 16/10/40a problem

I’ve had plextor cd burner for a while now and i have big problems with it.

After an hour it starts to flash green light and doesn’r work after that. It doesn’t read nor burn.

I have already once sent it to plextor for repair, but it came back with same problem. Is it overheating problem or what?

Is there anything i could do? I have win xp.

Well if you suspect the drive is overheating try running it with a cooler… Try to avoid using it between two other devices if that’s possible. I can’t say if this is indeed your problem but it’s worth a try. Does it help?

I removed bottomcover and installed fan under cd-burner.

Now it doesn’t burn properly. After about two minutes burning fails. Nero reports invalid write state error. Any suggestions?

I had the same problem with my burner. I can’t remember if it had the same ‘symptoms’ as yours is having but one day my burner just wouldn’t burn. It is a plextor. So i took it back to the shop where i bought it and they told me that there was a faulty laser or something in there. SO they replaced it with a new burner. Maybe if all else fails you should take it back to the store and ask them “what the fark is wrong with my burner?”