Plextor 16/10/40A not recognized

I am unable to intall my Plextor 16/10/40A ATAPI CD-RW and have it recognized by my computer. I have actually tried installing the drive on two different computers( one has an Epox 8KHA+ motherboard while the other has a Gigabyte GA 71XE4) but it will not work on either.

I am using Windows98SE on both computers. ASPI is version 4.60. I have set the Plextor drive as master on the secondary IDE with no device as the slave. I have also tried setting it as a slave on the primary IDE. DMA is enbled and IDE controller is set to PIO 4 as per the Plextor manual.

The computer with the Epox motherboard will recognize the drive in BIOS but the drive does not show up in My Computer or in Device Manager. The computer with the Gigabyte motherboard tells me on startup that the Plextor drive “Is not ATAPI compatible. Press F1 to continue”.

On each computer I can unplug the Plextor and plug in my old ATAPI CD-ROM drive and each computer will recognize it. I thought that the Plextor drive should install like any other ATAPI device.

Any suggestings on solving this problem would be appreciated.


The Plextor drive should install like any other ATAPI drive.

Forgive me if I restate the obvious. You sound like an experienced user, but unless the drive is defective something must be wrong with the settings.

Make sure that the jumpers on the back are set properly (vertically) for the master or slave configuration. The two pins at the extreme left at the rear of the case should have no jumper connected by default. If there is no jumper on your drive, you might try connecting the two pins and see if it is now recognized. Connecting the two pins is an undocumented way of enabling UDMA on some motherboards.

The IDE controller should not be set to PIO 4, but DMA or UDMA if available. PIO 4 is the operating mode if DMA is not available.