Plextor 16/10/40 burner

I was wondering, does anybody have experience with 99min cd’s on the Plextor 1610TA. This is a 16x burner.

Do I need to do some special things.
When trying to identify the medium type is doesn’t recognize the cd (99min).

I am using Nero Burning Rom as burn software.


The PlexWriter PX-W1610TA can overburn to 94 minutes. Enable overburn in Nero via File, Preferences, Expert Features, Enable overburn and set the time to 94 minutes. What exactly do you mean with the disc not being recognized? You can’t read the ATIP-information or you can’t write the media?

Cannot identify the cd which is in the cd burner.
Can do so with the option write cd and then Medium Info.

Won’t see the cd.

I will try to do this with overburn to 94min

You set up the overburn option?
u can find it somewhere on this site
just make sure you’re not working in wizzard with nero, write disc at once, close cd after writing must be on too, then go to preferences and in expert options make sure you higher the minutes of your cd to 85 or 90 or so, this must answer yoour question, i guess

I didn’t do so the last time I tried, will try this at home.
Will be in about 4hours.

Thanx for the information