Plextor 124tsi and Nero

My Plextor is firm ware 1.04 and I have the above Nero program. Is there a problem with Nero or my burner that it won’t burn more than 79 minutes worth of data?

I have an 80 minute/700MB cd and I tried to burn about 702MB of data onto it, and Nero says that the CD isn’t doesn’t have enough room. I went into the preference section to try to enable the overburn, but the Nero says that I have to enter a value less than 79 (79 minutes) as the max value under the preference section of it.

I know the burner can overburn (according to Is it the software then? What other software should I try to overburn with?

I’m trying to burn abunch of .RAR files to a cd for archival purposes.


i believe the plextor is only capable of overburning in DAO

you could just use two discs…

I guess I could do that, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of this burn. I’m trying to keep an archive of the .rar files of Black & White. Which, btw, I will make available on my ftp. I’m looking for the .rar files 18-31 of Tribes 2 if anyone has them.

is black and white any good? i heard you get to play as God and control things. tell me some more about what you do exactly.

you might want to try different discs when u do this test
!!different brands will give different readings!!

insert a blank cd into your burner and then click on the icon that looks like a blue(lower case) letter “i” on a cd.

this will determine what the “actual” storage quantity of the cd really is.

you could also go and choose "cd-recorder"under one of the drop down menus from the file menu and view the capabilities of your particular cd-r/cd-rw drive.

try a different brand!
MayB Nero is only protecting you because the used brand just isn’t capable of burning that large amounts! :wink:

Black and White is a really beautiful game. The graphics on it are amazing. You do play god and interact with your worshipers, either directly or through an animal, that is your physical embodiment. It’s pretty addictive and can certainly tie up hours. Let me know if you’re interested in the game. It’s on my ftp server.

Bane, check your pm’s.