Plextor 1210a with AWS can copy latest safedisc?

Right now I am pretty sure that A Plextor 1210a will be able to copy ANY Safedisc above 2 even the latest one with Amplify Weak Sectors.

I have done so successfully with 2.30.

Will this work on the latest Safedisk?

Not trying to be a smart #ss but i think you need to ask microvision that question! :slight_smile:

Well can someone try AWS on a Plextor 1210a with newest SD and tell me if it works?

Can’t seem to get a straight answer on this one.

That model of Plexwriter can make working copies of sd2.51 in certain devices only.
The backups of sd2.51 games usually fails in some toshiba and LG devices and probably in other brands