Plextor 1210A read subchannel?



Can the Plextor 1210A read subchannel with CloneCD?
If not, is it possible that Plextor can read subchannel for creating backups?


found at:
My Plextor CD-ROM doesn’t read SubChannel Data!

This is usually caused, because of a conflict between the Software “Plextor Manager” and CloneCD. To use CloneCD with Plextor
CD-ROMs, you must uninstall Plextor Manager and reboot your computer. If you still have problems under Windows 95/98, make
sure, that the file AUDIOFS.VXD is deleted from the WINDOWS/SYSTEM/IOSUBSYS directory.

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And this link should tell you more:, it is the second writer mentioned in the table.

ps no more crossposting!


so if i am right, no pletor manager = sub channel reading.