Plextor 1210A problems - Can U help pleasez?


I have a Plextor 1210A TLA 000, not in my main PC, but in my sons.

It is refusing to work and on booting the PC, when the Plextor is detected just after memory check, the IDE string displayed consists of part garbage, like computer language…but normally does say Plextor. :mad:

If I can boot to WinXP, the Plextor can’t be accessed at all, not to READ or WRITE, won’t even display contents of CD…I thinks it’s $tuffed.

Is there a tool like mtkflash v1.48 that will enable me to FORCE writing of f/w? I tried mtkflash on both of my Plextor’s, just to READ to file the f/w, but it just sat there, no counting from 0 -> 100%.

Hope someone can assist pleasez.

Cheerz Ken :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink: