Plextor 1210A firmware 1.00 -> 1.07

I just posted the article Plextor 1210A firmware 1.00 -> 1.07.

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I am happy to annouce that CD-RW.ORG has the Plextor 1.00 -> 1.07 firwares online and available for download, just in case that some people would be…

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I don’t know about others but it looks like for 121032A we have most bios updates ( 1.01 , 1.04 , .1.05 , 1.07 ) on Plextor site just go top prev. version (info) from firmware page …

tssssss, i don’t see version 1.08 ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

well it`s there…cause i downloaded it…

oopps…wrong thread…but anyways Bolsonn you can download 1.08 from åplextors site…and it only says that the site above have firmware version 1.00–>1.07