Plextor 121032A with subchannel data in CloneCD? PLZ help

When I try to read a disc in CloneCD with “Read Subchannel data from Data Tracks” and “Read Subchannel data from Audio Tracks” checked it returns the error:

"PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W121032A is not compatible with CloneCD Read Mode “Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks and Extra Audio Info”

I do not have the plextor manager or any plextor software installed as mentioned on the CloneCD site.

3 Questions:

  1. Is this normal for ALL 121032A to return this message? Or just some with a certain TLA#?

  2. If it is a certain TLA# is there a way of fixing it - ie a jumper to force it to a certain mode?

  3. Is there another program I can use to read and write the subchannel data which won’t return this error and will work with my CD-RW? (is this only a clonecd problem?)


you’ll get more respond in the clonecd area so i’ll move it there

Thanks Mattel007.

  1. It’s the TLA revision
  2. No, it’s a hardware problem.
  3. No, it’s still a hardware problem and no software can “repair” or “fix it”

Sorry, but your’e helpless. Nuthin’ can be done. Try reading from a normal cd-reader or buy another cd-writer. That’s the best solution I think, a reading cd-writer and a writing cd-writer. Otherwise try returning your PW and say it’s something wrong with it. If your’e lucky thew’ll buy it and give you a new AND better TLA. Good Luck! For more information on this problem, check out the hardware requirements in the cloneCD help section.