Plextor 121032 SCSI burning problems

I have a burning problem. I have Tekram DC-390U2B/U2W PCI SCSI. I have Windows XP SP1 installed. Sometimes in the middle of the burning the plextor stops burning (light turns off). No error is displayed on nero. Nero just waits and time of burning is still going. It does not continue burning by itself, but if I try to access plextor with MyComputer it suddenly continues to burn. CD burn is succesfully completed, but nero tells me that one buffer under run was prevented(because of that halt). The computer does not freeze during that halt of burner, it more looks like plextor took a pause. Windows log or nero log have no report about this. This problem is not predictable. Sometimes I can burn 10 disc without this, but next time it will happen again. It is strange. Maybe it has something to do with some other problem I have too. Sometimes after restart of computer my plextor dissapers- the SCSI card does not find it anymore. I have to shutdown computer, for SCSI card to found it. This problem happens rare, but it only happens after restart. The plextor never dissapered during windows session.
I checked my SCSI cable, it is OK. This cable worked without problems on my previous computer motherboards. My 2 SCSI Hard Disks have no such problem of halting-pausing or dissapering.
Plextor has latest 1.05 firmware. SCSI has latest drivers from Tekram.
What can be wrong ? What can stop Plextor in the middle of burning ? Please help.
Best Regards


It looks like something is interrupting the link between your Plextor and the software cache.

It used to be very common in the days before burnproof etc., and of course always resulted in a coaster.

Try disabling items in your startup list (Start-Run-msconfig) until you find the problem item (or disable everything in MSCONFIG and add them back one at a time.)

For what it’s worth, if you have a CPU cooling utility running, this can cause a similar problem – usually resulting in slow burning and Nero reporting hundreds of “prevented underruns”.

If you see this, disable the cool bit before burning, re-enable it after.