Plextor 12/4/32

I just obtained that recorder and I am having a problem with it. Namely I can write data discs but I am having no luck with audio ones. It stops after writing about 3% that’s during lead-in and the orange light turns off and the drive is locked so in order to get the disc out I have to turn it off and on and it is the same no matter what writing speed I use (tested from 2x upto 12x). Same thing happens when going direct from CD or trying audio files from the HD. I run Win2k SP4, Nero 6. I don’t know what is causing that. Media (I use TDK)? Controller (Adaptec AHA 2940U)? Can anybody help here?

Hi kingkleks, welcome to the forum.

Weird problem. Might be related to Nero, I can’t say for sure though. It’s especially weird because data recording does work properly right? Have you tried other software to see if they can copy audio with your Plextor drive? You can try for instance PlexTools ( or CloneCD ( Please report back!