Plextor 12/10/32S problems. Help?

I just bought one and swapped out my old CD-R and windows 2000 boots fine and the drive is recognized and says its working fine. I put in the plextor CD to install files and the cd is recognized and lists the content on the cd, I click any file on the cd and my computer locks up. Cant do anything at all but turn the computer off and back on.

Does anyone have an idea on what the problem is? its not the CD because I can install the software fine from my second cd-rom. I have the plextor set as slave. I cant understand why everything is ok until I try accessing the CD. I havent even attempted to burn anything yet.

Any help would be appreciated

are we talking about the same drive ?
i think , the plextor 12/4/32s is a scsi drive ( the s at the end ) and you say you connected it as slave ?? please , give some more information about the drive , is it scsi or ide ?

see you

I had this problem a long time ago. I think I solved it with reïnstalling the ASPI drivers.