Plextor 12/10/32S can it copy Safedisc 2.70.030?

Soon I’d get my hands on Age of Mythology which would have Safedisc 2.70.030 thanks to, Portmac’s site.

Can the Plextor copy Safedisc 2.70.030 successfully without Hide CD-R Media etc etc or the virtual drive…?

I know I’d need AWS… and BWA, Alcohol, or CloneCD do it?


When playing the back-up from a CD-recorder you will always need to hide the CDR media. This is because of the ATIP protection. The Plextor writers work very well with CloneCD’s amplify weak sectors so I suggest you give it a try. Read and write with the Plextor using the SafeDisc 2(.51) - [AWS] profile and when playing from the Plextor, enable Hide CDR Media in the CloneCD tray. You can use a CD-RW disc to test with to save on CD-R’s.

Thanks for the reply G@M3FR3@K, I’ll test it out :slight_smile: