Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI available

I just posted the article Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI available.

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At least has one…to test it!


De plextor 12/10/32 scsi zou deze week moeten…

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Scsi is crap IDE is far better

wow…that was an informed opinion !

Fuck you man! Scsi is expensive but better! I think you don`t have a money to pay it!

SCSI crap ? Hmmz, why do almost ALL of the servers around the globe use it ?
You just keep on struggling with that 4 devices !
BTW Plextor Rulezz BIG TIME

hehe another informed opinion… my board supports 8 ide devices and most scsi cards can support 7… although my choice for burning is scsi as allows more multitasking… but 12x scsi… hmmm maybe a new one now

SCSI is bettet indeed, its better because it gives you better performance when mulitple units on the bus are interacting (scsi bus = more bandwith) ex. if you copy data from a scsi rom to a scsi hd. And prolly some more advantages. But, when we are talking about a cdr (only about the WRITE function…not the read) why bothering buying scsi ? youre cd wont be written faster with a scsi interface…neither will it be written slowlier with an ide I have always had scsi roms dvds hds and cdrs , but now I have 2 uw2 hds, 2 scsi cdroms , 1scsi dvd , 1 plextor101232 ide and I must say that there is NO difference at all between the plex ide and my old scsi teac …so if you are talking about a WRITER then there no diff bewteend ide and scsi if you ask me (there is betweend readers…the plex ide performs lower transfering speed then my other plextor 32x cdroms)

IDE is shit.
(I dont care howmany slots your Abit pcb has!)

SCSI dont slowdown the cpu and my card supports 15 devices.
also you can run upto 7 scsi cards in the system.
(105 drives!!!)


real question is why plextor releases the shity ide version first!

Money is the GOD! Just think about how many people know about “SCSI”? And, how many people have IDE slot? Almost everyone…
It seems that Plextor released its beginning product for IDE slot first, then turn it to a better one for SCSI later.

HMMM, I own the IDE model, but I’m curious why the SCSI-model needs a 4MB buffer…instead of 2MB. Some problems???

Me again,

Well I think most of the dudez here are fucked up, because they can’t stand the fact that an IDE model is ok too. They paid a lot of money for their SCSI hardware. So does paying more money mean higher quality??? That’s up to you folks. OK, I must admit that SCSI devices have some advantages, especially in professional applications. But I do not see any reason for paying a lot of money for SCSI hardware which will be used for home applications. I always used IDE hardware and never had any problems with it.

might be,
but if somebody asks me whether he should buy scsi or ide i’m always gonna advise scsi to him…

Hey dudes can IDE do this:

I Burn with 2 Plextor SCSI 12x burners and 2 Plextor 40x SCSI CDROM’s SIMULTANOUSLY.

Take that blaam all you IDE lovers! I can burn cd-cd and cd-hd on both my burners at the same time!! AND STILL surf to a website or download via FTP :slight_smile:
Don’t believe me? I can make a screenshot if you want it.

… And YES all those lovely SCSI devices are in the SAME machine!!

(just startup 2x cdrwin)!!

Don’t forget the Japanese rule in their product. There are always differences in their high-price products and mid-price ones. Even if they have same specification…

What is the big deal, people have right to have a difference of opinion ! No? why do I get a feeling that this is turning to a war here. SCSI are good, OK point taken, if you like IDE fine too, what ever rocks your boat!!! there is no need for all this hostility here!
Bottom line we are all after one common thing which is a final product, which is a good, clean burn of the original, what difference does it make how the hell it was done, when its done.

Paradox is right. as long as it works-it works.

but Total respect to Replicator also!

I dont own 2 burners (yet) but i do burn on my yam and play sonique wile i fill the cach on my getrite downloader on the net all at the same time without any problems.
(if i had ide could i do this - probably not!)


Never doubt in this matter! SCSI rules. After I sold my only SCSI U2W HD, my 124ti have been makin coasters when burning from IDE HD…never did that before. Gonna get me a new SCSI drive.

Well Well, the boyz are at it again!! So here is my opinion

SCSI rocks for burning, fuck off and die you lame bastars with yer shite IDE bolluxs

I think we should stop this discussion. We all love burning and burners. One dude likes to burn 1434314134 CD’s simultaneously, the other one loves to burn them one by one. Who carezzz. Respect and help each other, instead of making a lot of noise…