Plextor 116A3 Problems

Hi i have a black plexter with the version in that title, and i have it plugged in with a Nec 3500, plextor is in Master, the problem is that after around 1h in windows my windows just freezes i dont know why, anybody have any ideias? :sad:

Anybody have any ideias? or sould i trade it for another dvd player? and witch should i trade to?

Are you doing something when windows freezes or is it just sitting idle? If you are doing something, what? If windows is freezing up, your drives would not be the first thing I would suspect is the cause. You can test it however. Just disconect the drive and see if windows still freezes. You might also want to check the jumpers on the drives to make sure that they are set right.

It is the plexter its unplugged at the moment and it doesnt freeze, and when it was plugged in i had it many times in idle still freezes, so its not that, i think im going to trade in to another dvd player… witch would u guys say would be very good?

For a dvd-rom I think the aopen 1648 is one of the most popular. Here is a thread about a billion posts long about it.
Should be able to find out just about anything from it about this drive.
The liteon 166s is a popular one too.

Cant get those atm, but witch sould i chose from these… DVD-ROM ASUS DVD-E616 16x/48x , DVD-ROM LG DRD-8162BB 16x/48x , DVD-ROM TEAC DVD516E-BK 16x/48x , ? Thanks… :slight_smile:

Heyz… just need to know witch would be better… thanks :slight_smile:

They are all good brand names but unfortunatlly I am not farmiliar with any of these particular models. Perhaps someone else could post and advise.

i Was thinking probobly in the Asus, but i dont know if the other 2 would be better :confused:

I would try searching the forums for difrent variations of the model numbers to see what you come up with. It probably wouldn’t hurt to try google searching for reviews either.