Plextor 116A2 problem

I have a DVDROM plextor 116A2. The problem is that it doesn’t read all CDs with high speed. It starts at about 6-8x and going up slowly. The same ones I have tested on a Sony cdrw and no problem, they were working fine. The disks are ok, it is visible that de drive doesn’t even try to spin the disc faster. It is staying in something like a silent mode and that produces low read speed. This happens only with some types of disks. The speed used is the one specified for CDs written in mode 2 but that is not the case here.
Any ideea will be greatly appreciated, thanks !

I have the same problem. I had a Plextor 116A which crashed and I received back a Plextor 116A2 with this problem. Model 116A worked fine. Did you changed the firmware?

I changed nothing because I didn’t find any way to make a firmware backup and the problem is not so big for me because I rarely use CDs. DVDs all work fine. If you find a solution please tell me :slight_smile:

I agree, the 116A isn’t the best drive Plextor have ever made! I have the ‘white front’ drive and I find it slow to spin up when a disc is inserted, doesn’t read CD-RW’s very fast and is next to useless for playing back ups of copy protected CD’s.

I’ve not seen any f/w updates for this drive and just wonder how it fairs when reading a burned +R Double Layer disc, anyone tried one in this drive yet?

That is because it is not made by Plextor :wink:
As far as I know, it is a rebadged Pioneer-drive.
I have two PX-116A2, but I had no problems yet. But anyway, it is too bad that there are no firmware-updates available for this drive.