PlextoolsXL and Windows7 - Stuck at splash screen



I install version 3.16 from restarted and was greeted with the plextools splash screen and from there nothing changes and the nice splash screen stays above all other windows. I’ve removed the startup shortcut but I still want to use the program. Started manually I have the same problems. Any ideas?


I’ve had this before - I seem to remember that it was a conflict with something else that I installed. Did you install anything else after Plextools? Have you tried re-installing Plextools?




havent installed everything after plextools.
Will try reinstall.
Have Avira and uTorrent running att startup, will try disabling.


I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit and use PTP 3.16 with no problems so i wonder what is different using W7?


Seems it was my Huawei HSDPA usb stick that was caused plextools to crash. Simply disconnecting it makes plextools operable. Maybee not very elegant but better than not being able to use plextools at all.


Plextools doesn’t only control optical drives - it also has various functions related to external hard drives and video capture. It sounds like the external hard drive part of Plextools is conflicting with your USB drive in some way - I’m not sure whether you can disable it somehow.




** This problem is present in XP as well **

Just to say, it is NOT the actual USB 3G modem causing the crash, but the virtual drive that the likes of Huawei use.

** This problem is present in XP as well **

Before starting your Plextools software. Safely Remove\Unplug\Disconnect etc… the virtual drive the 3G Modem gets mounted on your system. Start your Plextools.

I can’t offer you a solution if you have Plextools set to start with Windows, along with a 3G USB modem\virtual drive plugged in.

You can have 3G Modem internet access AND Plextools, running at the same time, I know… I’m using it now… with a Huawei E180.

The bottom line is the virtual drive has to be terminated before Plextools gets activated.


It’s possible to make PlexTools ignore certain drives by their assigned letter. Maybe that can help.



This is incredible !

  • Plextools Pro LE 3.13 is working on both Windows 7 RC and XP
  • but with the Pro XL 3.13 version, I get this « Stuck at splash screen » after install
    and then it is impossible to use the ‘Restore’ command for XL 3.13 from the tray
    Any clue ?

After all the LE version might by sufficient for most uses …
But in the past people have paid good money for this XL version !


[QUOTE=franz99;2500092]- but with the Pro XL 3.13 version, I get this « Stuck at splash screen » after install ….[/QUOTE]
The problem is happening with latest [B]Pro XL 3.16 (sixteen) [/B]dowloadable here:,com_jdownloads/Itemid,55/catid,86/cid,470/task,

And I have Plextools [B]Pro LE 3.13 /B working on both Windows 7 RC and XP