can somebody post link to full version plextools. I never got one with my 708A.

Plextools is not freeware or shareware, therefore passing such a link is not allowed here. 708A user can now buy it on Plextools’ webpage. :slight_smile:

Also from the FAQ:

Q: My Plextor drive didn’t come with the PlexTools software. Can I get the full version somewhere?
A: Unfortunately only the Plextor Premium, PX-712A and PX-716A drives are shipped worldwide with the PlexTools Professional software. If you want to use the PlexTools software you can purchase a legal license from the PlexTools website. The software costs €12 or USD$16. If you want to update your PlexTools software you can download updates for free from



I had also no plextools with mij bulk plextor. The different between the bulk and retail is only 10 euro, without the black front, cable, usermanual… So I wasn’t that crazy to order plextools for 39 dollar :iagree: . I don’t like this from plextor because of the huge prices I already payed for the burner.

astrodomine check your PM, I have found the solution for you :wink: .

i don’t like the fact that Plextools costs now either…especially considering it only works with Plextor drives…luckily the workaround is readily available…

I agree, but sadly that’s the way it is…

luckily the workaround is readily available…

Which workaround? :bigsmile:
Ok, I was only joking… :stuck_out_tongue: