I have a 716a. If I don’t load Plextools is Powerrec, and other speed control programs not available. I prefer to use Nero to burn with.

I believe that once you use plextools to set the options you want, close it, restart the computer, and the plextor drive will use those settings, unless you override them with those available in NERO. Plextools then does not have to be loaded (after system restart). At least this is true with the 712A and bitsetting.

If anyone knows this to not be true, don’t hesitate to make a fool out of me. :wink:

By default the Plextor drive will have its features like PoweRec enabled while other features such as SpeedRead will be disabled. You can enable/disable or tweak the settings via PlexTools but the software needs to be running in the background since when the software is closed, the drive will revert back to its default settings. However, this does not apply to the drive’s bitsetting option. Once you’ve enabled it via PlexTools the drive will remember this setting. You can of course also disable the option again via PlexTools.