Plextools XL V.3.02 released



Hi guys!
If anyone else is interested in, plextools xl 3.02 is officially releases at :wink:


Excellent, let’s thank Plextor for their threats by banning it!


No :Z thank you ! :bigsmile:


I’ve expected this reactions! :bigsmile:
Maybe it would be better to release fw 1.08 for the 716a!


Come on people, don’t be that childish…

I downloaded several copies and they were deleted immediately after completion by a magic hand. :cool: :bow:
I thought to myself: “This must produce traffic for Plextor that must be paid somehow… Well, at least that money can’t be spend on lawyers anymore.” :cop:

And so I am downloading once more and over and over again until I have this file on my HDD just to not install that sweet, by an useful activation protected piece of best software which I will never install once again…
Damn you, magic hand! :bigsmile: :smiley:


no more plextrash for me :slight_smile:
boycott is the word for plextor greedy people

  • PlexTools XL … more 20€ and i have a Full BenQ Drive and NeroCD Speed Bundled… Nex Try Plextor…:Z

  • Plextor YOU have decide your Destiny, by killing Open Source…:Z

Sorry For my bad English.


Automated testing features…


Is there already a crack available ? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I am sure there will be one, sooner or later.


[tinfoil hat on]

Anything on the privacy-busting, phone-home “features”? Oh, right … it’s “proprietary” software, meaning we have to take the word of a corporation that nothing personal is being transmitted back to the Plextor Mothership, like the CD/DVD titles being “backed up”.

[/tinfoil hat off]


meh…how about taking some time to improve the firmware (to support more media - e.g. Philips C16 @ 16x instead of max 12x) and bring the prices down before devoting time/resources/money to this overpriced piece of software.

@ftp1020, that’s what a good software firewall is for…


Not if you want to use the online FreeDB thingie …


umm, if you know how to configure a firewall that’s not a problem at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it’s not always that easy…

As an example:
Alcohol’s activation revalidates the proper license with every 14th program start after a successful validation. If you refuse A120 to connect to their servers for a specific amount of tries after the 14th start, it will will deactivate the application by itself. You’ll then have to contact the support to get your software working again.

I don’t know if this is similar with PlexFools XL, but I am afraid that a firewall is not always the answer. Activation is bad and noone should ever buy a software with such a protection scheme. :cop: :iagree:

However, I don’t need expensive automated testing features, I have a very well working open-source freeware alternative running right now, although I am still fighting the magic hand. :stuck_out_tongue:


i agree that incremental activation is horrible…but you can still handle this with a properly configured firewall…it just gets very annoying since you’ll have to set it to ask each time it wants to connect…


How would you do that without letting the application connect to the net at least for the revalidation? I have no idea how this should work out without a little help from “other sources”…

But it’s not that important to me, Alcohol’s support was playing nice with me and now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. :bow:


and let it connect once and a while…


not entirely true … you can surely block any outgoing traffic to anything that contains the word ‘Plextor’ … but what if data is being collected at an innocent location and then being routed to Plextor ? That’s what I would do if I were a plex software developer.

You’d need a packet sniffer to exactly find out what is going on during activation …


OK. :bigsmile: