Plextools XL = $54 USD?



What does Plextools Professional XL have that makes it worth $54???


wow thats crazy. They should give some sort of discount to owners of Plex Professional.


Cool shading on the graphs, along with decimal scaling for values reported by the drive as integers. And something about cue sheets.

C’mon which would you rather have: a NEC 3520, a BenQ 1620, or cool shaded graphs?

Meanwhile, I’m headed in the PXSCAN/PXVIEW direction; nice work, Alex!


I am sorry, but what does a NEC or BenQ burner have to do with A piece of software. Is Ptools XL expensive, yes. Would i buy it? Probably not. But that Has nothing to do with whether someone should get a nec or Benq. As for software bundles and features not many companies provide the capibilties that plextor does with their Software suite (this is even if you get one at all).


With all the Burner competition out there you would think they would just let Plextor owners upgrade. But I guess nothings free anymore


Apology accepted! :bigsmile:

They cost about the same, that’s what they have to do with it. I could just as easily have said a bottle of Veuve Cliquot…


I just picked up a 716A yesterday to go along with my Plex Premium. I’m gonna email them and see if I can get it for free. Doubt it, but worth a shot.


I see you don’t understand what i am asking. What does a seperate burner have to do with the price of software? If i complained about the cost of Nero would you say get a burner? Where would it stop? You have to have a piece of software to use it right? Us Plextor buyer are stuck in this issue with PtoolsXL because unlike alot of burners we get a very powerful tool to use it. Now they have a version of that tool that costs money. We now have to decide if its worth paying the price to get it, just like if we wanted to get Nero. For me i don’t have much use for the extra features and have no use in buying it. Ptools Pro works enough for me. So again I ask what does a question about the cost of a piece of software have ot do with buying a different burner.


Email to Plextor:

I purchased a PX-716A yesterday to go along with my Plextor Premium.
The drive came with an older verison of Plextools, do you have a free upgrade to Plextools XL?

Plextor response:


No, unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade to Plextools Pro XL.

Thank you for your interest in Plextor products.

Plextor Sales


What a joke!


I woulld pay 39€/54$ for:My Language (German) ,Verify a image, Verify disc to disc,play-extract-convert-copy: PXI /CUE/CCD/ALC/DVD… Files,save a copy as BIN/CUE.OPEN PTPXL more then ONECE to copy messure what ever at the same time (Price/license: 1-9!!).More INfO of DVD/Audio disc (like Eclipse Data Suite) USW…


This is one of the biggest blatant ripoffs I’ve ever seen. Features that SHOULD be included in Pro and they’re charging $54 for it?!? When you can get Nero OEM for $5 and Plextools Pro for free (at least for now, who knows what the scam artists at Plextor are planning. No wait, they already started with the 716AL) only clowns and fanboys would buy that crap.


if you don’t want/need/think it’s not justified…then don’t buy XL…simple as that…to each his/her own…not sure what the “argument” is here. i personally think current Plextor owners should AT LEAST have a discount if not a free upgrade…but you’ll witness no “whining” here…it’s a matter of choice…you can only determine your “choices” to a certain extent/degree and after that you work with what you have…and luckily Plextor drives/owners have plenty to work with…no other drive compares in terms of features and if that’s what you want…more power to you… if it’s not, enjoy your drive(s) of choice.


Well, that would be a great argument except you MISSED the entire point. What I’m saying is that it’s outrageous for Plextor to not only charge $54 for the approx three “new” features in Plextools XL over Pro but also that these features SHOULD be included in Pro in the first place.

Also, if you don’t see what’s happening I feel sorry for you. It is no coincidence that the new PX-716AL DOESN’T EVEN INCLUDE PRO, rather they put in the practically free Nero. That may be a harbringer of things to come out of Plextor - a 100% premium on their drives versus similar models AND require you to pay another $50+ to get Plextools.


it’s purely a matter of opinion what SHOULD be included in Pro in the first place…i didn’t MISS any point fyi…


Seriously, get a clue. If you’re going to respond to my post, respond to what I wrote. It’s people like you that will allow Plextor to continue to scam its existing and future userbase.


wow, seemed to have touched a nerve…relax…


Get a clue.


:bow: :rolleyes:


Who are we to say what should be included in a FREE pice of software. I am glad the give us Pro for FREE since it does alot of what i want. Would it be nice if i got a discount? Yes but to say they are ripping me off is retarded.