Plextools With Old Burner, or EAC with New DVD?

Yeah, what the title says.

I have an old QPS 8/4/32 burner, (read: PlexWriter 8/4/32A) and a new Liteon 163D DVD Rom. I’m definately leaning towards the newer hardware with EAC, but Plextools is supposed to work magic with Plexwriters. But the magic it works on DAE stops at the 12x burners, doesn’t it? At least it identified the offsets.

Little help.

I have read that older plextor drives may not have perfect C2 error reporting, whereas the newer (24x and up I think it is) drives have “Balls On” accuracy. – C2 error correction is a better method of error correction than reading each sector twice, but your drives C2 error reporting MUST be correct for it to work.

Since plextools uses C2 error correction exclusively, and your plextor drive isn’t perfect with C2 error reporting, I would definately use your Lite-On drive with EAC to rip your discs.

EAC is an excellent program, and Lite-On’s are excellent drives (from what I hear :bigsmile: ) Using that combination should give you excellent results. :cool:

I figured as such.

I don’t think C2 error detection is “better” as in quality, just faster and less strain on the drive. Course, that makes it better overall, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

Gonna be a bitch detecting those offsets though… :Z

LOL, good luck with those offsets man! :stuck_out_tongue: