Plextools - What's it's use?

i got a plextor 12432Tsi (Internal SCSI) and I just decided to download the latest version of Plextools and give it a try.

I installed it and started to play with it and cant find any real use for it.

What’s it good for?
It doesn’t seem to cddb lookup’s so ripping with it is a pain as it wont fill in the CD info.
The ripping speeds seem to be no faster than EAC, Audiograbber, MediaJukebox etc. so what is the real advantage or purpose of it??
It’s really badly designed too.

Anyone know if it has any real use other than being a really cheap program that Plextor can supply to customers to do basic stuff with?

The only possible advantage of the Plex Tools, I remind, is its automatic offset correction. If you don’t know the offset values for your Plex drives, this can be much easier to create a 1:1 copy.

But I never needed them really. All the tasks, speed setting, accessing audio tracks as wave files (audiofs.vxd), offset correction, can be done with 3rd party tools, and this (much) better.

I agree, all features of Plextools are also available in other programs. I use the following programs: EAC, Nero, Feurio, CloneCD for copying/creating/ripping audio cds.