PlexTools - what does it do?


I’ve had my DVD drive for nearly a year now and when I bought it it came with PlexTools. Up to now I’ve never really understood exactly what PlexTools does. It just seems to load up (wasting my system resources) and sit with a big blue P in the corner of the screen. When double clicking on it it just seems to give me various things that I can do with Nero anyway (which was supplied with the drive), and the things I can’t do with Nero either I can do them with Winamp or don’t really want to do them, so I’m wondering would it be alright to uninstall PlexTools or is this also like a driver for the DVD writer?

DVD - Plextor PX-504A
Plextools - V2.07

… if you really don’t work with the PlexTools you can uninstall or you do simply right-click
. . of the symbol (right corner) and chose ‘Exit’ OR Options–> Preferences–> NO automatic start…

… most people use the tools for excellent audio-copies, or to chose ‘hidden cd-r media’ for playing game-copies,
. . or like me for quality-checks or to work with special Plex’ GigaRec, VariRec, SecuRec
. . These functions aren’t available with your 504 :sad:

… each PlexTools-Update considers a nice UserManual …

So what’s Gigarec? Varirec? and Securec? are these like the things that are in Alcohol 120% that allow backup of games? I have Alcohol 120% anyway for that.


are these like the things that are in Alcohol 120% that allow backup of games?

… no, these are special Plex’Features which AFAIK are not available with the PX-504
. . btw GigaRec burns higher capacity (similiar overburning), VariRec changes value of laserpower,
. . which should make better sound and SecuRec allows to create password-locked discs.

… just have a look at Plextor (Belgium) to learn more about your drive :wink:

Using PlexTools with the Plextor PX-504A doesn’t give you a lot of advantages. I agree with you that I don’t like it that PlexTools starts up automatically when you install it. I also don’t like it that when you close the software, it stays active in your system tray by default. Luckily though you can change your preferences and disable these options. When I install PlexTools or an update the first thing I do is disable auto start-up and the option remain active after closing.