Plextools vs K-Probe?

Hi, I will almost certainly be buying the new PX-716 when it comes out (as long as the reviews are good). Currently I have a PX-708, and am only moderately happy with it. But I’ve had enough good Plextor experiences to give them another shot with the 716.

Anyway, my question is - if I buy the 716 & use Plextools for PI/PO scans, is there any reason to also pick up a Liteon Burner and use K-Probe for comparison? (and sort of unrelated, does anybody in this forum know the “recommended” liteon drive for use with KProbe?)

Note the interest in K-Probe & Plextools scans comes from the fact that I really don’t think the 708 does a great job burning - particularly over 4x (4x seems OK, but I’d like to see scans). For example the drive seems to burn the Ricoh 4x +R’s at 8x, but that almost always leads to a disc which stutters towards the end of playback (regardless of which standalone I use - I have several). I wish the firmware would just burn it at 4x or 6x… Has anybody achieved good results at 8x with the 708? Presumably if I bought some 8x media, it would work ok, right? Now that we have bitsetting, there’s no reason not to buy more +R media! Anybody know if the 8x TY’s at Rima for $0.58 are legitimate TY’s? If so, I’ll definitely be picking some up :slight_smile:


The 708 has problems burning Ricoh 4x DVD+Rs @ 8x. As you said the error rate in the outer part of the DVD is pretty high.
But MCC (Verbatim) 4x media @ 8x is really good. It think this is the best media to write at 8x. At least I can say it from my own experiences. I made scans with K-Probe in connection with a LiteON DVD-ROM drive.


Not a good idea to use a DVD-ROM for KProbe scans… :rolleyes:

About Kprobe scanning with a DVD-ROM

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Scans with a LiteOn DVD-writer and a BenQ (CD-Speed) were also good.


Personally so far I have found plextools scans highly reliable and according to close sources very near CAT testing quality. I see little need for you to buy a liteon just to scan with if you have a 712 or 716.