Plextools v2.17 not start

Help please,
I have plextools v2.08 installed on my PC working find with PX-708A, when
I update to v2.17 than click on plextools pro is not started, try to shut down
and my pc hanged, have to turn power off to reboot.
do I missing any configuration setup to do upgrade ?
how can I fix this to upgrade plextools?
my pc: AMD 1.2ghz, 512mb, ide sis 730s, pioneer 102s, px-708a

what motherboard ide drivers are you using?

The mother board is MS21 and
ide driver SIS 730S, latest v2.3.2.0
CPU AMD 1.2ghz

Any idea

I am having the same problem. I just installed my 712A with fw1.05 and PLEXTOOLS V2.17. I didn’t get any error messaegs as I installed plextools but it doesn’t start.

I am not sure about the details of my system but it’s a Dell 8250 w/ XP pro SP2.

Hi DVDFUN, please see this thread I started, describing similar problems I’ve had with all versions of Plextools after 2.08:

In my case I believe the problem may be the Promise IDE Controller I have installed.

Are you using one by any chance?

I discovery the problem on plextools look at this link