PlexTools v1.20 detected incorrect CD-R Capacity



Sorry for my English.

Does anyone has any experience making an audio CD using Plextools v1.20. Plextools detected my 80 minutes blank TDK CD-R Audio disc as 03 minutes 47.28 seconds. I have 10 songs totalling to 58 minutes, trying to overburn and it tells me “Source disc too large”. I am running Windows XP Pro SP1 and Adaptec ASPI v4.72a2.

Thanks in advance.


Oh! I forgot to say that I have a PlexWriter 24/10/40A.


Hi !

If you have either CloneCD or Alcohol installed on your PC,
then uncheck/disable accordingly ‘Hide CDR Media’ or ‘Ignore Media Type’ there.

Secondly, if you have a Virtual CD drive shown in the configuration, then just remove it from PlexTools.


Thanks BoSkin.

Yes, I have Alcohol installed on your PC.

It does not matter whether ‘Hide CDR Media’ is checked or not checked, either way, it doesn’t work.

Secondly, I cannot remove my Alcohol drive from PlexTools.

Anymore thought ?

Thanks in advance.


As BoSkin already suggested, the problem is probably with Alcohol and its virtual drive. We saw the same problem in this thread, where you can read this message:

Originally posted by willzy
OK, my problem solved. Had a CD emulator soft (Alcohol) and that did cause the problem… if you activate hide CDR info (maybe activated by default), then some ATIP programs won’t work.
You cannot remove the Alcohol virtual drive via PlexTools. You need to remove the via the Alcohol software. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact procedure… If you can’t find out how to remove the virtual drive then I suggest you try searching the Alcohol forum… Good luck!