PlexTools V1.18 on the way

Hmm new release just in two weeks from the Plextor tools V1.17
Does any one haves any info what is the changes ??

There is no download link yet , but it looks that the software is ready …

This is probally just a new release to include support for the new SCSI drive…BUT… who knows. They may make other “improvements” also.

Google shows me two hits. The 1st one is and the other :

At this point there is no changelog or download available

Yep: Plextor Europe always releases a new PlexTools version when a new drive is released! This is done so that the latest drive is fully supported in PlexTools. Of course some bugs may also be fixed in a new release but that’s only logical.

Thanks for the info , but i guess that this version , it will offer some new extras about the data burning .
If the data burning starts to have listing ,than just drag and drop , it will be nice .
Dear Plextor can we have a full size window version too !!
Thanks :bigsmile: :bigsmile: