Plextools Software Won't Install

Hi all
i had the original plextools installed on my win98se system. ver 2.17.
upgraded to winxp pro and now cannot update plextools at all. i have version 2.17 cd. if i try to update, i get a message that previous version cannot be removed, installation aborted! i cannot even reinstall 2.17 anymore. there has to be something somewhere in the registry that does this but what and where to look. customer service could not help. they insist that plextools should not do

under xp, are you logged in as user or admin?


You can remove Plextools with Windows Install Clean Up Utility.
I don’t remember where i downloaded it from and can’t give you a direct link.
But if you PM me, i 'll send it to you. It is only 185 Kb in size. Or try to find it with Google Search. Its name is msicuu2.exe. And it is from Microsoft.

found it! did it! it works!!
you have made my day.
thanks a lot

Wow, great call, Poaalipina! :bow:

I think that one deserves to go in the Plextor FAQ under “I can’t uninstall Plextools”. :clap:

Great idea! And it must be with direct link to this tool.

Your Russian is perfect! You know it? :clap:
Very busy now. Answer you one of these days!