PlexTools reverts to 2X CLV read speed despite speedread enabled?

Normally after burning a DVD, I check the CRC of the files on the burned disc and compare it to that of the source files on my hard drive. I have speed read enabled in PlexTools 2.20, but I’ve found that after ejecting the disc after a burn and re-inserting it, the basic tab of the drive settings shows that the read speed is 2X CLV. It is indeed set to that speed, because it takes about 28 minutes to read a complete disc!

I’ve found that I can force it to 5-12X CAV, and I can then read the disc in under 7 minutes, but I have to do this for each and every disc! I have speedread enabled, so shouldn’t PlexTools automatically try to read a burned DVD+R at 5-12X CAV automatically, as shown in the “DVD Read” features of the drive information?

Even pressing and holding the eject button for 3 seconds doesn’t enable it to be read quicker, maybe because PlexTools is overriding it?

I didn’t notice this problem until recently, after doing a lot of PI/PO scans, and they all are at 2X - is this the standard read speed for these types of scans? Is the 2X CLV setting being “remembered” for all reads after doing on of the Q-Check scans?

Does anybody know a way I can force PlexTools to revert to 5-12X CAV speed for DVD+R media?


Try running PlexTools and enabling SpeedRead without any disk in the drive. Then exit PlexTools. I think some settings won’t stick otherwise.


Thanks for the idea, but it didn’t help. Then again, the speedread option has remained checked all this time, so it wasn’t a problem with speedread not being turned on as I wished. It seems to be a problem with PlexTools and recognizing it’s a disc that can be read at 5-15X CAV.

I wonder if this is related to the problem reading some audio CDs (unprotected even) at only 8X, while others read quickly. This was reported by another user and confirmed by Plextor tech support when he called them. There seemed to be no rationale why PlexTools would change the CD reading speed to 8X CLV when inserting some audio CDs…

If you run a PI/PO test in Plextools the read speed will be set to 2X! If you don’t change the speed before exiting Plextools the speed setting will remain until you next run Plextools.

Fix: After running PI/PO test in Plextools change the speed back to 12X or 16X in the settings before exiting Plextools.

Well, PT say that reading DVD-Video is limited to 2x CLV … Maybe your booktype setting comes into play here.

What you might try if it doesn’t is to save the settings to the drive via Silent Mode.

I uninstalled PlexTools 2.20 and installed the Plextools 3.00 Trial. Now when I insert a recorded DVD+R (video), it sets it to 5-12X CAV automatically!

Under 2.20, I thought that it might be remembering the 2X CLV from PI/PO scans, so I manually forced the read speed to 5-12X CAV and exited plextools, but it would still revert to 2X when I restarted it and inserted a DVD+R…seems it somehow got “stuck” on 2X and would NOT let go!